Friday, March 05, 2004


The first issue of 2004 of SIGACT News is out. The complexity column has part 2 of last issues' article on constraint satisfaction problems. More exciting is the list of upcoming columns: Ambainis on quantum, Guruswami on codes and Hitchcock, Lutz and Mayordomo on dimension.

Some interesting pieces in the back of the issue including information on the recent move of the editorial board of Elsevier's Journal of Algorithms to the new ACM Transactions on Algorithms and David Johnson announcing the revival of his NP-completeness column.

Right before that is a cute paper on the complexity of the peg hopping game found at Cracker Barrel (restaurant chain that serves fine American comfort food).

Remember that you can join SIGACT, support theory and get SIGACT news even if you don't belong to ACM for only $18, $9 for students.

On a different topic, the number of comments on my posts have gone up dramatically. I'm not sure why but I appreciate your feedback. I read every comment though usually restrain from responding unless specifically asked a question. I've had my say and you have your say and let's leave it at that. Often I learn something new from your comments like the Stern-Brocot tree. Keep those comments coming.

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