Thursday, October 26, 2017

2017 Fall Jobs Post

You're finishing up grad school or a postdoc and ask yourself what should I do for the rest of my life? We can't answer that for you but we can help you figure out your options in the annual fall jobs post. We focus mostly on the academic jobs. You could work in industry but there's nothing like choosing your own research directions and working directly with students and taking pride in their success.

For computer science faculty positions best to look at the ads from the CRA and the ACM. For theoretical computer science specific postdoc and faculty positions check out TCS Jobs and Theory Announcements. AcademicKeys also lists a number of CS jobs. If you have jobs to announce, please post to the above and/or feel free to leave a comment on this post.

It never hurts to check out the webpages of departments or to contact people to see if positions are available. Even if theory is not listed as a specific hiring priority you may want to apply anyway since some departments may hire theorists when other opportunities to hire dry up. Think global--there are growing theory groups around the world and in particular many have postdoc positions to offer.

The computer science job market remains hot with most CS departments trying to hire multiple faculty. Many realize the importance of having a strong theory group, but it doesn't hurt if you can tie your research to priority areas like big data, machine learning and security.

Remember in your research statement, your talk and your interview you need to sell yourself as a computer scientist, not just a theorist. Show interest in other research areas and, especially in your 1-on-1 meetings, find potential ways to collaborate. Make the faculty in the department want you as a colleagues not just someone hiding out proving theorems.

Good luck to all on the market and can't wait for our Spring 2017 jobs post to see where you all end up.


  1. UIC's Math (MSCS) department, is looking for a tenure-track Assistant Professor to join the Mathematical Computer Science (MCS) group, which includes all areas of theoretical computer science (and other fields too). The full-consideration deadline is December 10th. Applications are accepted via mathjobs, here:

    For more info on the MCS group within the Math department, see: And here's some info about the TCS efforts at UIC:

  2. UMass Amherst has one opening "for an Assistant or Associate level Professor in Theoretical Computer Science with a preference for candidates whose work is related to Data Science including, but not limited to, theoretical aspects of machine learning, privacy, game theory, optimization, and algorithms for processing large data sets and graphs." Best to apply by December 15.

  3. Two Canada Research Chair positions in Data Science (Tier 1, 2), at the University of Ottawa's Department of Maths and Stats. Hurry up! Deadline is November 15th!

  4. Postdoc at Caltech's CMI:

    Caltech's Center for the Mathematics of Information (CMI) has openings in the CMI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, for positions beginning in Fall 2018.

    Deadline: December 15, 2017

  5. In the theory group at the department of Computer Science of Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, there are openings for

    one assistant professor in algorithms (W1)
    (Deadline November 9,


    two postdocs (up to 3 year) in algorithms and complexity

  6. Associate Professorship/Professorship in Algorithms and Complexity Theory at the University of Oxford.

    Deadline: 12.00 noon (UK time) 5 January 2018

  7. Washington University in St. Louis has tenure-track openings in Computer Science & Engineering. In particular, data privacy is a focus of this year's search, which would be favorable to theory candidates. The deadline for applications is December 15.

    Apply at:

  8. The Computer Science Department at Rutgers University invites applications for a Tenure-Track position focusing on Algorithms and Foundations of Computer Science. Our priority is to search for an Assistant Professor, but invite applications at all levels.

    Deadline January 12.

  9. CS department at UIUC plans to hire multiple faculty. We are also looking for a Head of the Department. Security/crypto/privacy, (applied) machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, and several other areas with overlap in theory are some of the priority areas though the call is open. There are also Chaired professorships under the umbrella of data science. Several teaching faculty positions as well. More information available at the link below.

  10. To elaborate on Standa's comment above on the position at Oxford, note that Associate Professor at Oxford corresponds to US Assistant/Associate Professor. We are looking for applicants at any level, including postdocs/graduating PhD students.

  11. Imperial College London's Department of Computing has 4 openings for the assistant/associate professor levels. While there are focus areas, exceptional candidates in all areas (including theory) will be given full consideration.

  12. Tufts Computer Science has multiple tenure track openings. While our ad did not list theory explicitly as a focus area, we have just learned that Prof. Anselm Blumer will be retiring, so we are now also actively looking in all areas of theory as well!!

  13. There is an opening for two postdoctoral positions in math and computer science:

    Deadline: January 10th 2018

  14. University of Michigan is hiring in all areas of computer science, including theory. We have a chaired position in theory open, but are interested in theory applications at any level.