Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Fall 2021 Jobs Post

We're in the midst of a great transformation in computing, one where data takes center stage and I predict this will start to have a larger effect on hiring in computer science departments. We'll see a bigger need to grow in data science, particularly machine learning and autonomous systems. Cybersecurity and quantum computing will also grow with a push due to competition with China. Quantum winter might be coming but we're not there yet.

Harder to predict is the rest of computer science, such as traditional areas like networks, operating systems, programming languages and, yes, theory, particularly theory unrelated to quantum, learning or security. There is still a need for CS departments to grow in these areas, but we may be moving away from a rising tide raising all boats. On the other hand due to the digital transformation of just about everything, non-CS departments are hiring people who look a lot like computer scientists.

Other factors may cause US universities to be more conservative in hiring such as a drop in male students, the upcoming demographic cliff, an unclear future for international students coming to the states, and a lingering COVID budget hangover.

So go get a job while the going is still good though I would not suggest forgoing a faculty position for a postdoc, particularly if you aren't working in data science.

I also wonder how the post-COVID world will affect the job search. We'll probably see more virtual interviews than the pre-COVID days at least in the early rounds. It's also harder for students to network and make themselves known at virtual and hybrid conferences which will likely persist for some time.

Give yourself a good virtual face. Have a well-designed web page with access to all your job materials and papers. Maintain your Google Scholar page. Add yourself to the CRA's CV database. Find a way to stand out, perhaps a short video describing your research. 

Best source for finding jobs are the ads from the CRA and the ACM. For theoretical computer science specific postdoc and faculty positions check out TCS Jobs and Theory Announcements. If you have jobs to announce, please post to the above and/or feel free to leave a comment on this post. Even if you don't see an ad for a specific school they may still be hiring, check out their website or email someone at the department. You'll never know if you don't ask.


  1. UMass Amherst is hiring in both theoretical computer science and quantum: Apply to join our great theory group! Its an amazing place to work and live.

  2. York University in Toronto, Canada is inviting applications for five faculty positions in either the theory of computing or data science. Please see for information.

  3. The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon is hiring in Operations Research:

  4. The ILLC and Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam are seeking to significantly strengthen their profiles in the area of Theoretical Computer Science, and we currently are inviting applications for three faculty positions in Theoretical Computer Science (in any area of specialisation). There are opportunities at the Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor level. Apply by 7 February 2022.

    Full details: and

    We specifically encourage women to apply for these positions. For more information on the TCS community in Amsterdam, please refer to

  5. Quantum Faculty positions in Amsterdam:

    QuSoft, the Dutch research center for quantum software and the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam are currently seeking applications for a tenure-track and a (permanent) assistant professor position in quantum information science. Apply by 1 April 2022.

    Full details: