Monday, June 08, 2015

The city where the book publishers resides is Funkytown!

A while back  when I got back the galleys for a paper the publisher wanted to know the complete postal address of one of the co-authors and also the city where the publisher of a book in he bibliography was printed. The publisher didn't really have a city, so I wrote in FUNKYTOWN.

Is it important in a paper to have the city that the publisher is in? I am assuming that at one time it was (though I am not sure why even that is) but now it is
completely irrelevant.

Is it important to have an authors postal address? I can't imagine why nowadays in 2015, though this I can imagine as being important in an earlier era.

Question: What information do publishers ask for in galleys that are no longer relevant? Why do they? When will they stop?


  1. I've also heard of publishers requesting the city in which works cited in bibliography were published... in the humanities.

    I think this is relevant for small publishers, which are not uncommon in the humanities and might not be readily identifiable otherwise.

    Of course, for international houses such as Springer or Elsevier, this makes no sense.

    1. Even for a small publisher I would think there website or email address would be far more important than their city.