Monday, June 01, 2015

Award Season

László Babai will receive the 2015 Knuth Prize and Daniel Spielman and Shang-Hua Teng will receive the 2015 Gödel Prize. ACM issued a press release for both awards which will be presented at the upcoming STOC at FCRC.

Babai did seminal research on interactive proofs, communication complexity, group algorithms and much more. One cannot count the number of PhD theses in mathematics and computer science that can trace themselves back to some initial work by Babai. I was lucky to have Laci Babai as a colleague, mentor and friend during my years at the University of Chicago.

Spielman and Teng, who received the 2008 Gödel Prize for smooth analysis, won again for three papers using nearly linear time Laplacian solvers for a series of graph problems.
The ACM Awards ceremony later this month will have a number of theory related prizes.

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  1. Also EATCS--IPEC Nerode Prize is out. This is the history according to

    Calabro, Impagliazzo, Kabanets, Paturi, Zane (2013) Bodlaender, Downey, Fellows, Hermelin, Fortnow, Santhanam (2014) Demaine, Fomin, Hajiaghayi, Thilikos (2015)