Sunday, June 14, 2015

First issue of SIGACT news where I wasn't the editor. But...

I posted at some earlier time that I was resigning from the editorship of SIGACT NEWS book review column, and handing the reins over to Fred Green (who is older than me, so `handing over the reins' might not be quite right).

You can find the column on Fred's webpage here.

I wish him well of course. He's off to a great start:

  1. The Cult of Pythagoras: Math and Myths by Alberto A. Martinez. Review by Bill Gasarch.
  2. Infinitesimal: How a dangerous mathematical theory shaped the modern world, by Amir Alexander. Review by Bill Gasarch.
  3. Martin Gardner in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Michael Henle and Brian Hopkins. Review by Bill Gasarch.
  4. Algorithmic Barriers Falling: P=NP?, and The Essential Knuth, both by  Edgar Daylight. Review by Bill Gasarch.
  5. Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality by Edward Frenkel. Review by Bill Gasarch.
  6. Structure and Randomness: Pages from Year One of a Mathematical Blog by Terence Tao. Review by Bill Gasarch. 
Why so many reviews by... me?!   Fred writes that its a tribute to my service which is of course true and appreciated. But I also note that when I was editor it would have been... odd? impolite? to have all of the columns by me in a single issue. But having Fred do it is fine. When Fred resigns 17 years from now (not to give away his age, but I think he'll retire before then), perhaps his successor will do that same.

There are still books to review! Here is a list of books I still have in my office. If you want to review them email both,
Email the books and also your physical address to send it to.

ReCombinatorics: The algorithmics of ancestral recombination graphs and
phylogenic networks by Gusfield.

Tractability: Practical approach to Hard Problems.  Edited by Bordeaux, Hamadi, Kohli.

Recent progress in the Boolean Domain.  Edited by Bernd Steinbach


Selected Papers on Computer Languages by Donald Knuth.


Introduction to reversible computing by Perumalla.

Digital Logic Design: A Rigorous Approach by Even and Medina

CoCo: The colorful history of Tandy's Underdog Computer by Boisy Pitre and
Bill Loguidice.


Professor Stewart's Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries by Ian Stewart.

The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers by Richard Dunlap.

Mathematics Galore! The first five years of the St. Marks Institue of Mathematics by Tanton.

Mathematics Everywhere. Edited by Aigner and Behrends.

An Epsiodic History of Mathematics: Mathematical Culture Through Problem Solving by Krantz.

Proof Analysis: A Contribution to Hilbert's Last Problem by Negri and Von Plato.


  1. Thanks, Bill, for the publicity, and (once again) for the reins. Just a note to all that I am at FCRC this week, for both STOC and CCC. If you are also attending, and are interested in writing a review, or just in discussing the column, I'd be happy to meet you!

  2. Excellent start, Fred; Bill's reviews were always the highlight of that column for me. Great reviews, Bill -- I bought two of the books already!