Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New York Theory Day

IBM-NYU-COLUMBIA theory day on Dec 11 ! Here are pointers to more information: here and here and here.

My advice: If you are able to go (distance, time, money all okay) then you should go. If you are unable to go then you shouldn't go.

Will this by available on video later? Also- if it is, will people actually watch it? There is something about BEING at a talk that is given at a particular time that seems more compelling then being able to look at it whenever you want, and hence not get around to looking at it. ~


  1. If it is available by video (and time, interest, bandwidth all okay), then people will watch it. If it is not, then they won't

  2. Bandwidth is sometimes a problem. It makes me upset when I see video lectures (for instance from the Intractability Center or of 1 hour length taking more than 600MB. People in North America may not realize that there are places on the globe where bandwith is costly. For instance, I am living with a monthly 3GB cap. (And I am still priviledged.) It should not be a problem to produce much more compressed files. And for talks with slides there should be an option to get an audio file only.

    But maybe this is done deliberately to keep the outside world stupid.