Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Obligatory Star Trek Post

Hard to believe I have yet to make a Star Trek post in this weblog. Bill had a guest post The End of an Era? back in 2005 back when Enterprise ended its run. The new movie starts another Star Trek era. I saw it Saturday and my three-word review: go see it.

I was but a toddler when the original series premiered but by the time I was in middle school Star Trek fever had taken over. The local TV station showed Star Trek nearly every day and I watched as often as I could (back in the era before Hulu, Tivos, DVDs, VCRs or even remote controls). I memorized the episodes, read the novelizations, tried to catch the animated episodes though time conflicts usually saved me from that disaster. This was the show young nerdy teenagers talked about. 

I had great fun seeing the first movie just to see the cast back together. Caught Wrath of Khan on its first showing in New Jersey at a surprisingly empty theater. Ricardo Montalban was one of those actors on the original series who went on to greater fame, in this case on Fantasy Island. Great to see him reprise his role on Star Trek in the best movie with the original cast. 

In grad school we had a party for the first episode of Next Generation. I watched most of that series as well as Deep Space Nine and Voyager before giving up on Enterprise well before it ended its run. In 2005 Star Trek seemed to have run its course.

J.J. Abrams took Star Trek back to its roots, recasting the original cast and rebooting the series. I forgive the various issues of canon for a very enjoyable movie and the return of the most important Sci-Fi franchise of my generation. 

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