Friday, May 22, 2009

Get Your Stimulus Money Here

"Are you taking full advantage of President Obama's stimulus package?" asks a recent robocall. So are you? If not the National Science Foundation has some ways to help.

The NSF gave the CRA $15 Million to start the Computer Innovation Fellows project, basically 60 CS postdoc positions for next year. A little late in the season but if you haven't nailed down a job for next year yet be sure and apply by June 9th. If you are willing to hire a postdoc paid by this program, sign up as a mentor.

Are you still in school? The NSF is greatly expanding the Graduate Research Fellowship Program and the Research Experiences for Undergrads

Already have an academic job? Apply for the CAREER award if you are eligible (CS deadline July 21), a regular theory proposal (August deadline for medium, November for large, December for small) or one of the many other CISE programs.

The NSF budget is on track to improve dramatically over the next decade but politics have and can get in the way. Be sure and take advantage now while you have the chance.

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  1. It seems that the grant for NSF Graduate students is a year old.. The deadline was last November, unless the solicitation linked to by the page is wrong...