Thursday, April 23, 2009

Complexity Theory songs (repost)

You probably read on Scott's blog that there is a WINNER for the Aaronson/Gasarch Complexity Theme Song Contest. It is Aaron Sterlings I just do theory You can get the lyrics and MP3 off of Scotts Blog. (MP3 is also pointed to below.)

Below is a list of five Songs about Complexity Theory that are available. Are there others? (Not counting The Klein Four or Tom Leher or Jonathan Coulton or Square One Television or others who have done math songs.) If you know of any email me pointer to the mp3, CD, LP, 45's 78's, or wax cylinder that contain them.
  1. I just do theory. The new theory qualifying exam: Identify every reference in this song.
  2. There so much Drama in the PhD. Complexity Theory song AND one of those Rap Songs that parents don't want their kids to listen to.
  3. Longest path. The first complexity-theory song I ever heard and still one of the five best!
  4. Theory Girl. Complexity Theory song AND Love song!
  5. ALice and Bob By MC++. (I actually pointed to the MC++ website which has lots of stuff.) He has others, but this is his best and the one most relevant to Complexity Theory.
ALSO, not relevant to Complexity Theory, but worth noting for this blog--- A song about blogging!: I blog alone.


  1. A reader pointed out CORRECLY that I had a bad link. In my attempt to fix
    that I accidentally deleted
    his comment- sorry.
    Its fixed now. It was a
    CACHE problem- I gave my staff some CASH and they fixed it.

    bill g.

  2. Theory girl is the worst song I have ever heard.