Thursday, October 09, 2014

2014 Fall Jobs Post

Tis the season for the fall jobs post. Please list any jobs, academic or industrial, in theoretical computer science broadly construed in the comments to this post. If you are a job seeker check this page often as new jobs get added over time.

As always the best places to look for academic CS positions are the job sites at the CRA and the ACM. Also check out postdoc and other opportunities on Theory Announcements. It never hurts to check out the webpages of departments or to contact people to see if positions are available.

I expect the computer science market to be quite robust again. CS enrollments continue to explode putting pressure to hire more faculty. Several good places last year had open positions unfilled.

We should also see a growth in instructor positions, as deans and provosts need to meet enrollment demands but aren't ready to commit faculty positions until they are sure CS is not in another bubble. Don't ignore these positions, think of an instructor as a teaching postdoc.

The market in theoretical computer science is a harder call. What will be the effect of Microsoft adding fifteen theorists to the market? That also suggests fewer industrial research and postdoc opportunities in theory.

Try to make yourself more versatile. Perhaps you could teach machine learning or computer security, areas of strong need closely related to theory.

Good luck to everyone on the market. I look forward to seeing your names in the 2015 spring jobs post.


  1. To kick off the list, the Georgia Tech School of Computer Science plans to hire multiple positions this year. Theory is one of our target areas.

  2. The effect of the MSR downsizing will be very interesting... I expect it will have two negative effects:

    1) The obvious one, which is that 15 senior candidate on the job market will make the theory job market unusually tight.

    2) I expect that it will make the other MSR labs MUCH less attractive for job candidates, so job seekers will prefer most universities to MSR labs. This will also serve to make the university job market tighter.

    1. I don't think so. I suspect most of them want to stay in the valley and will simply transfer over to Google/Twitter/Facebook/etc. I suspect only five or six will actually end up looking for jobs, many of them also abroad (e.g. Europe, Israel, Canada).

    2. MSR was an academic style research environment. Google and especially Twitter and Facebook are not. I am not saying some of the MSR people will not stay in the bay area, but I think you overestimate their number.

    3. I predict the CS theory faculty job market will be very tight. There are three reasons: (a) Not only will some of the MSR SV researchers be on the market, but I'm sure (b) many other MSR researchers will consider moving to academia. Microsoft's signal is clear about the company becoming more nimble and efficient, and having less emphasis on pure research (Harry Shum's letter confirms this - while he tries to appease, he does not make any statement regarding maintaining the pure research part of the rest of MSR). Finally, (c) most CS departments have an emphasis on machine learning, big-data, etc. and it's pretty easy to figure out who is an ML person and who is a theory person (most papers in ICML, NIPS, etc. vs. STOC, COLT, etc.)

  3. There are postdoc positions in theory at University of Warsaw, Poland: (warning: close deadline 15th Oct!). They are, in general, announced every 6 months. Another option for younger reserchers is a PhD internship: Essentially, you can take one semester of your PhD at Warsaw, and work with people there.

    At U. of Warsaw we have a strong group in algorithms (approximation, fixed-parameter tractability), automata, and cryptography.

  4. The UIUC Computer Science Department is hiring several faculty this year, with at least one position specifically for theoretical computer science, and other positions in machine learning and programming languages open to theoreticians. I'm the recruiting committee chair; feel free to contact me for details.

  5. Wisconsin-Madison CS has multiple open positions this year at the Assistant and Associate Professor levels. We have a broad search and are interested in theory. Please apply! Feel free to contact me with questions.

  6. The Santa Fe Institute's Omidyar Fellowship is an interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship with an extraordinary amount of freedom and autonomy. (You may know Josh Grochow, who is a current Fellow.)

    SFI's research spans the growing field of complex systems. This includes:
    • social, biological, and technological networks
    • phase transitions in search and optimization
    • quantum computing and computational complexity
    • scaling and growth in cities
    • major transitions in evolution, and the origin of life
    We have postdocs, faculty, and visitors in fields ranging from Computer Science, Economics, and Physics to Biology, Ecology, and Anthropology. If you come here, your own interests will add to this ever-changing mix.

    In addition to a competitive salary, Omidyar Fellows receive ample discretionary research funds for travel, visitors, and other research costs. The Fellowship lasts up to three years, and past Fellows have an excellent track record of obtaining faculty positions at top-tier institutions.

    The window for applications is now open and closes on October 24th.

    You can learn more at :
    and/or by emailing

    Thank you,

    Cristopher Moore
    Professor, Santa Fe Institute

  7. The School of Computer Science and Communications at EPFL is looking for outstanding faculty candidates. Please feel free to contact me in case you have any questions.

  8. The University of Waterloo has several open positions this year (in no particular area):

  9. Thomas Holenstein7:13 AM, October 10, 2014

    ETH Zurich has one position open.


  10. The University of Colorado Boulder has openings for a theory-heavy machine learning person.

  11. The Max Planck Institute for Software Systems has multiple tenure-track faculty positions in all areas related to the theory and practice of software systems. These areas include, but are not limited to, security and privacy, embedded and mobile systems, social computing, data science, programming languages and systems, software verification and analysis, parallel, distributed, and networked systems.

    Please apply!

  12. The University of Utah is hiring in theory (and I'm personally very excited about this) ! Here's our ad:

    It's one of four searches we're doing. And while the ad indicates a mild preference for "foundations of data science", that's really a shorthand for "if you thought the Simons program on big data was interesting, then apply". Also feel free to contact me directly if you want more information.

  13. Is Microsoft Research Silicon Valley hiring?

    1. May be other MSR locations will be hiring! Is that not a possibility?

  14. USC is hiring in both security (including privacy and crypto) and the foundations of ML/AI/Big data. Job post is here:

  15. One or more positions as Associate professor are available at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University ( Applicants within the areas of "Algorithms and Data Structures", "Data-Intensive systems", and "Machine Learning" are of special interest, but applicants within other research areas are also welcome.

    Job post URL:

  16. The Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara is hiring in the the broad area of Big Data, with emphasis on machine learning, statistical methods, data mining, and scalable algorithms. More information is available at:

  17. We at UMass Amherst School of Computer Science are searching for three new tenure-track faculty, and one of the searches is in theory. Here is our ad:;jsessionid=9CD095783387E5D547B0983D7CDE3DAE?JOBID=53283

  18. A tenure track faculty position in Department of Computing Science at University of Alberta:

    or see the link at the bottom of page here:

  19. The Computer Science Department at Boston University is inviting applications for two tenure-track assistant professorships. One of the focus areas is algorithms.

    Feel free to get in touch with me directly if you are interested.

  20. AMS is looking for a full-time position as an Associate Editor of
    Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet.

  21. Math Reviews is looking, in particular, for someone with interests in theoretical computer science, information theory, or related areas.
    You may also apply by writing to me directly at
    Edward Dunne
    Executive Editor
    Mathematical Reviews

  22. The University of Bristol, UK is advertising for a new Chair in Data Science Although the host department is not fixed, one of the three options is CS.

  23. Oxford University will shortly be announcing a (permanent) faculty position
    in Algorithms&Complexity. The official advertisement will appear on our web page early in 2015.

    1. Here is the URL for the official advertisement.
      The closing date is 27 Feb 2015.

  24. The University of Texas at Austin is hiring at all levels and in all areas, including theory. The deadline is January 31 but we will start reviewing applications on December 15. Please see the following website for details.

  25. The Department of Computer Science at Duke University is hiring at the Assistant Professor level in all areas of CS, with algorithms/theory as one of the focus areas. The deadline of December 1 is soft, and we will be reviewing applications over winter break.


  26. The Department of Computer Science proposes to appoint an Associate
    Professor/Professor in the area of Machine Learning with effect from
    1 October 2015 or a mutually agreed date prior to this. The successful
    candidate will be offered a Tutorial Fellowship at St Catherine’s
    College under arrangements described in the Job Description and Person
    Specification. The appointee will act as a tutor in computer science
    at St Catherine’s College, and will be a member of its Governing
    Body. This is a permanent full-time position based at the Department
    of Computer Science.

    Applicants should hold a relevant PhD and have experience in any area
    related to machine learning. The successful candidate will have a
    proven track record in research of the highest international standard
    with the ability to attract research funding and to develop an
    independent research programme. The appointee will also have
    experience of effective teaching in a wide range of topics in computer
    science at undergraduate and graduate levels, including the ability to
    contribute to course development, to supervise graduate students and
    to provide pastoral care, and an ability and willingness to undertake
    administrative duties. Full details of the qualifications required and
    the duties of the post can be found in the Job Description and Person

    The closing date for applications is:

    ** Friday 30th January 2015 **

    Further details, including application process, available at:

  27. Postdoc position at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (deadline January 25, 2015)

    The Theory Group at KTH Royal Institute of Technology invites applications for a postdoctoral position in computational complexity and/or SAT solving.

    The application deadline is January 25, 2015. More information and instructions how to apply can be found at . Informal enquiries are welcome and may be sent to .

  28. POSTDOC AT UMASS Amherst

    The NSF-funded postdoc is for the following project.

    The project is focused on the study of interactions among network organizations including content providers (e.g., Netflix), content distribution networks (e.g., Akamai), and ISPs. These interactions have resulted in the development of competing control loops among different organizations, as well as competing economic interests. We are looking for a postdoc that can contribute to our project in one or more of the following ways:

    1) mathematical modeling interactions between different organizations

    2) analysis of interacting control loops from different organizations

    3) design of algorithms to allow for seamless interaction between different organizations

    4) game theoretic analysis of interactions between different organizations leading to appropriate mechanism design.

    A postdoc candidate should have a strong mathematical background as well as having strong research interest in one or more of the above. I am happy to provide more information if you are interested (ramesh at cs dot umass dot edu).

  29. The project is focused on the study of interactions among network organizations including content providers (e.g., Netflix), content distribution networks (e.g., Akamai), and ISPs. These interactions have resulted in the development of competing control loops among different organizations, as well as competing economic interests. We are looking for a postdoc that can contribute to our project in one or more of the following ways: