Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sims Complexity

I called home last night and my daughter Molly had an exciting story to tell. She was at her friend Danielle's house (the same Molly and Danielle from the video) and playing the Sims, a computer role-playing game.

One of the characters was using a computer which had an item "Solve the Unsolvable". Danielle clicked the phrase. A few minutes later a pop-up opens and says "Your Sim has made progress on the P = NP Problem".

Nothing like a video game to impress the little one.


  1. I already knew about this. This is old news, and it's on the sims 3 by the way. It amused me a little the first time it happened! You can get the character to do it again and again and again... and he always makes progress... but never resolves it... Quite tragic really.

  2. and exactely who told you it is solvable?
    drop it of and live your life, man

  3. who is the last person to make real progress on P -vs- NP?

  4. Stalin, of course. Then Mao.