Thursday, October 02, 2008

Go Sox

After beating three different teams in three days to make the playoffs, my White Sox join the Cubs in an historic time in Chicago: The first time both Chicago baseball teams are in the postseason since that great 1906 World Series. The Sox open the playoffs today against the surprising AL East winner Tampa Bay.

With the Boston Red Sox that makes all three teams that I have once held season tickets (I lived walking distance from Wrigley for a year and I organized season tickets for the theory group at MIT as a student there). And add on Milwaukee a team I have grown to like as they play in new stadium that I can get to easier than either of the Chicago ball fields and you can't beat the sausage race. And four more teams that hopefully will all be eliminated in the first round. This is just the ultimate playoff year to keep me distracted from various fiscal crises and political activities. I might not get much research done in October.

The eyes of America look at the Cubs who last won a World Series in 1908, one hundred years ago. But although I now teach north of the city, my heart remains with the Southsiders. The best outcome: The White Sox win the world series in five games. Why five and not the full seven? Because it is so much more fun to see the Cubs choke at home.


  1. For some reason the feed doesn't copy the "Posted by Lance" bit, but was clear after reading the "But although I now teach north of the city, my heart remains with the Southsiders," part.

  2. I"m a METS fan from way back. Most Memorable moment:
    I heard the quote in
    the mid 1960s
    ``There will be a man on the moon before the Mets
    win the World Series.''

    This was correct- by about
    two months.