Friday, September 12, 2008

Yahoo more popular than Google according to Google

What phrase when typed into google returns the most hits? I have some data here (may have changed by now) that I got just by googling things that seemed promising. If you can find a phrase that returns more hits than those listed here, in their categories, then leave a comment about it.

Any phrase that gets over 10,000,000,000.
  1. www: 25,670,000,000
  2. a: 20,080,000,000
  3. the: 17,040,000,000
  4. and: 14,420,000,000
  5. i: 10,100,000,000
Real words that get over 500,000,000.
  1. yahoo: 2,920,000,000
  2. google: 2,710,000,000
  3. english: 2,480,000,000
  4. sex: 851,000,000
Famous People that get over 85,000,000. (Perhaps we can define famous by some cutoff.)
  1. Washington: 550,000,000 (Cheating: has multiple meanings.)
  2. Jesus: 260,000,000
  3. Lincoln: 212,000,000
  4. Beatles: 88,200,000 (They once said they were more popular than Jesus". Not according to google.)
Words associated to Religions that get over 100,000,000.
  1. God: 677,000,000
  2. Christian: 507,000,000
  3. Bible: 183,000,000
  4. Islam: 147,000,000
  5. Catholic: 126,000,000
Common Names that get over 100,000,000.
  1. Smith: 456,000,000
  2. Jones: 327,000,000


  1. These numbers are just estimates. It would take too long for Google to determine the actual number of results returned by a query.

    How accurate are these estimates? No idea.

  2. some other google estimates:

    1: 25,300,000,000

    USA: 1,540,000,000

    britney: 133,000,000
    Madonna: 131,000,000
    Bush: 305,000,000

    yes: 1,100,000,000
    no: 8,300,000,000

  3. "com" has 25,780,000,000 -- more than "www", and "of"is between "the" and "and"; "myspace" and "youtube" are more popular than "sex", the latter crossing 1B.

  4. Jesus is not on your list of terms relating to religion that have greater then 100,000,000

    jesus has 260,000,000 which is greater then 100,000,000

    therefore Jesus isn't a term relating to religion according to Gasarch.

  5. if yahoo and google count as words, blog could be counted, too

    blog 3,510,000,000

  6. estimated size of google index

    it's estimated to be around 20 billion - I wonder how they can have 25 billion results

  7. Lee gets 436,000,000, and Park gets 984,000,000 -- both far more than Smith or Jones. The large number of Asian WWW users helps here, I think, but also the multiple cultures in which the name is used in the first case and its use as a common noun in the second...

  8. Also, 10,720,000,000 for day. This is fun! (But fun only gets 1,010,000,000...)

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  10. it's estimated to be around 20 billion

    Those numbers are well below actual values. Google has 100 billion pages in its index, out of 1 trillion valid URLs that it has in its database.

  11. continuing the record established by anon #3 ("com" in the "all phrases" category), we now offer... in the "real words" category (excluding articles and prepositions and such):

    "home" has 7,080,000,000 hits, and
    "page" has 8,250,000,000 hits.

  12. "data" has 3,570,000,000 - more than yahoo and google

  13. computer scientist / complexity theorist "cook" is more popular than "jesus" -- 300,000,000 hits!

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  17. "www OR Com OR a" gets 25.84G hits. A 30G search would be interesting...

  18. A related challenge: Come up with a word shorter than 6 characters that does not produce any results.

  19. I think you should also count number of their translations in other languages, otherwise you are just counting words not meanings.

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  22. video: 3,460,000,000
    photo: 2,480,000,000
    image: 2,200,000,000
    book: 1,590,000,000