Monday, September 15, 2008

Some New Lower Bounds on actual VDW numbers

Tamara Giorgadze, a ninth grade student at McLean High School (in Virginia) has obtained some NEW lower bounds on some VDW numbers: See this website

This is excellent work! I was not her mentor, Hunter Monroe was. (He has done some work in Complexity on whether there are natural problems with speedup, though his day job is as an Economist.)


  1. Do you have an rss feed for your blog?

  2. Do the number of high school students recently working on VDW numbers exceed the number of faculty currently working on VDW numbers?

  3. Yes, we have feeds for posts, podcasts, comments (all and each
    individual post). The main rss feed is It's all in the left column of our blog.

  4. For those who are interested, the SAT solving group at TU Delft has set up a webpage (under construction) with further improvements to the known lower bounds: