Friday, July 11, 2008

Some NSF notes of interest

Notes from NSF.
  1. The core theory soliciation for fiscal 2009 is online.
  2. A grant annoucment that may be of interest here.

    Deadline: October, November, or December 2008 depending on the size of the project

    Estimated number of awards: 36 to 50. (WOW!)

    Synopsis: The program will support projects that strengthen the scientific foundations of trustworthiness, in order to inform the creation of new trustworthy technologies. We especially seek new models, logics, algorithms*, and *theories *for analyzing and reasoning about all aspects of trustworthiness-- reliability, security, privacy, and usability about all components and their composition. Building on its predecessor program Cyber Trust, the Trustworthy Computing program will also continue to support projects that explore the fundamentals of cryptography, that examine and strengthen security weaknesses in current algorithms or protocols, and that explore new computing models that promise to improve trustworthiness or our reasoning about it.
  3. As Richard Beigel (NSF Theory Director) mentioned at the Complexity Conference, interdisciplinary programs have been noticeably theory-friendly of late. AND Note to PIs: Your proposal title should could enough information so we can figure out which panel your program belongs in.

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  1. "WOW!" because 36-50 is too large or too small?