Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fifteen Seconds

The University of Chicago wrote a press release about the prediction market maps for the Senate and Governor races that I created with Yahoo!'s David Pennock and Yiling Chen. The press release led to short articles on the New Scientist and Scientific American web sites and a handful of other blogs. Although even with the nice virtual ink, there was never a day more people looked at the maps than at this weblog.

What about the elections? No senate race in Illinois but a governor's race where I have yet to find anyone who likes either candidate. We do have two good candidates in my congressional district, but what difference does it make as which party has control of the house is much more important than the views of the particular candidate we send there.

The Illinois politician garnishing the biggest praise is not even running this year, our junior senator and future president.


  1. There is a panel discussion at INFORMS taking place in pittsburgh titled "Your 15 Minutes of Fame: Want Better Press Coverage? Here's How...".

  2. The completely worthless Democrat in VT-SEN contract is still trading at 25.5 cents. What's up with that? I could just barely imagine that they're imagining that Bernie Sanders will change parties but he has no reason to -- the Dems treat him as one of their own already.