Wednesday, October 11, 2006

STOC Undergrad Research Competition

The ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) will host its first Undergraduate Student Research Competition in 2007 sponsored by Microsoft Research. From the entrants a number of students will be invited to attend the conference at FCRC in San Diego in June where they will present their work at a poster session. Four to five finalists will give oral presentations at the conference. The top three finalists will receive cash prizes and advance to the grand finals of the broader ACM Student Research Competition.

As an added bonus participating in a project can only help your grad school applications as many Ph.D. programs like to see some research experience. Submission deadline is not until February 23 but you'll have to start very soon to get a project ready in time. So go find some ideas from a friendly CS theory professor at your university and get cracking.

See you in San Diego.


  1. Does anyone find it odd that while over 85% of focs/stoc papers are multiply authored, the research competition requires that the submissions be only by individuals?

  2. I look forward to the first (annual, of course) STOC High School Research Competition. Nothing like getting an early start, and you better win that thing if you want to make it into a good undergrad program!