Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Use Google to Search Your LaTeX Files

In the month of November 44.3% of the hits on this website came from windows machines. If you are in this minority and don't mind a small amount of hacking, read on.

GDS Plus allows Google Desktop Search to search text files. Use this GDSPlus.conf where I've added the "tex" and "bib" extensions and your LaTeX and BibTex files will be indexed and searchable. A great benefit for those of us who can't keep track of which theorems and definitions we put in which papers.


  1. One "small" issue with Google Desktop Search, I'm told, is that it is installed as Administrator and indexes all files. So if you are sharing a machine, other users on the machine can see parts of your files.

  2. This is not exactly a flaw with GDS but with Windows. For more
    (not sure if unbiased) information read:

    where Bruce Schneier gives his full explanation of the problem.


  3. This is as good a place as any for this rant. How, exactly, can a factual analysis of a single software tool be "biased"? He did not even make any claim at all about the merits of one OS over another. Even if he did, the facts may very well have merited what you call bias.

    What would unbias a technical article? Some nonsense fluffy blurb about how all operating systems are insecure? Or some specific salve for a totally valid criticism of (foo) OS? Can we please keep this analysis-by-skepticism-and-doubt to complex and emotional fields, like politics? In engineering and science fields, attacks should be made mercilessly. In engineering, it is actually a moral imperative to do so, lest people and the economy suffer.

  4. be careful. I hope you read this article :)

  5. this article is so old, 2004 guys!

    i am searching for latex in google search and come to this place