Monday, May 08, 2023

Other Ramsey's

 I often Google Ramsey stuff to find something. I often end up back on my own collection of Ramsey theory  papers. But I sometimes find OTHER uses of the phrase  Ramsey. 

To tell these Ramsey's apart we will call the math Ramsey guy Frank Ramsey since that was his name. 

1) Frank's brother Arthur Michael Ramsey (usually just Michael Ramsey). He was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1961 until 1974.   He was ahead of his time in being Ecumenical and supporting women clergy. His Wikipedia page is here

2) The Ramsey Effect. Aaron Ramsey is a football player (what Americans call Soccer). There were four time when he scored a goal and soon after an important person died. This was dubbed The Ramsey Effect. This is of course silly, and if he asked Frank about the probabilities (unlikely-Frank died in the 1930's and Aaron was born in 1990) I am sure Frank would tell you that four is too small a number to make anything out of this. The Ramsey Effect is discussed here. There is no Wikipedia page about it, and I found it by accident so, as the kids say, its NOT a think. 

3) Jon Bennett Ramsey. A girl who was murdered when she was six. Case still unsolved. See the Wikipedia page on this here.

4) First name Ramsey: here. The only one I had heard of is Ramsey Clark.

5) Last name Ramsey: here. Lots of people! Most I had not heard of. 

(With regard to 4 and 5: there are so many famous people you can't have heard of all of them)

6) For more Ramsey Stuff see here

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  1. Ramsey 5 solved