Sunday, September 19, 2021

The New Jeopardy Champion is a `A CS grad student from a school in New Haven'

 As of Sept 17, Matt Amodio has won 23 straight games in a row on Jeopardy and won over $800,000 in regular play. The following website is not quite up to date, but its close: here. Of course, that website will change. 

1) They refer to him as A CS grad student from a school in New Haven. My first thought was probably Yale, but whatever it is, they should just say it. I looked it up and it is Yale. So why aren't they just saying A CS grad student from Yale?  If someone works for an airline company they do not tell you which airline- prob to avoid giving that airline free publicity. But I would think a school is different. And I remember (perhaps incorrectly) that they DO say what school someone teaches at or is a student at. 

(ADDED LATER: a colleague of mine who was on Jeop (he lost his only game) tells me that YES, you re NOT ALLOWED to say the company you work for. He was from Riverdale Park, MD which might make some people think there is a Univ of MD at Riverdale Park . He also told me that when he was on the show the following happened:  On One of the shows of the game before I  played, Alex was curious which LA area restaurant somebody worked at (to see if he had eaten there--- he hadn't), and sure enough, they edited the name of the restaurant out.)

2) Longest streak: Ken Jennings: 74. Also most money in reg play: roughly 2.5 Mill

    2nd longest: James Holzhauer: 32. Also  2nd most money in reg play: roughly 2.4 Mill

    3rd longest: Matt Amodio: 23. Also  3rd most money in reg play: roughly 0.8 Mill

3) I do not think Matt will move into second place on any of these categories. He bets big on the daily doubles and it has paid off but either (a) he will miss and it will lead to a loss, or (b) he will just not get the daily double and be against a very good opponent. Item (b) happened to James H- and the person who beat him did have a good enough win streak to be in the Tournament of Champions. I wonder if they try to stop a long streak by picking really good opponents. I also wonder if they can even tell who will be a really good opponent. 

4) Matt has played in front of (or will- counting tomorrow) six hosts: Robin Roberts, LeVar Burton, David Faber, Joe Buck, Mike Richards, and Mayim Bialik. Six is a record which I suspect won't be broken, except possibly by Matt himself if he also plays in front of Ken Jennings (the rest of 2021 will be Mayim B and Ken J as hosts, see here.

5) Matt works in AI. When he gets his PhD and is on the job market will his Jeopardy success help him, hurt him, or neither?  

6) James H and Matt A are both very good at calculating how much to bet. I think Ken J is not quite as good but still good. Generally the players on Jeop are not that good at that aspect. I had the chance to ask some a champions (not any of those three) why that was and she said that most people get into because of the trivia-aspect, not the betting aspect. I wonder if just as players now study lots of facts to prep, they will also learn how to bet better. 

7) Ken J as host is a bit odd in that, if he says (as Alex T did sometimes) That category looks hard I won't believe him. I also have this suspicion that when a contestant gets something wrong Ken might be thinking what a moron; however, (a) by all accounts Ken is a nice guy, and (b)  I might be projecting. 

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