Thursday, July 24, 2014

Need some book reviewed- faster than usual

I have been the SIGACT NEWS book review editor since 1997. I have tried to get about 10 books reviewed per column. I have succeeded- perhaps too well! I have gotten so many reviews out that I only have six reviews left.

I DO have many books that could be reviewed, and that is where YOU come in!

List of books available for review: Here

Advice for reviewers: Here

LaTeX  Template for reviews: Here

ALL of my prior columns: Here

IF you want to review a book DO NOT leave a comment- just email me (ADDED LATER- EMAIL ME at Someone emailed Lance instead
which you shouldn't do.)
a set of books you want to review. I will pick out one for you--- it may be based
on what I've already got requests for.

Since it is summer  you are not as busy as the regular hear (hmmm- I am running an REU program AND teaching an intense High School Class, AND going to a security conference, and mentoring three high school students hoping for some more free lunches, so I am actually MORE busy) so summer is a GOOD time to review a book.

Deadline to ASK for a book: Request that you make your request BEFORE July 28 so that when I email in my column with the list-of-books-I-need-reviewed, it is accurate.

Deadline for Review: About two months after you get it, though this can be flexible.

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