Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Theory Jobs 2013

Time for the annual spring jobs posts. Like last year, I set up a Google Spreadsheet that everyone can edit so we can crowd source who is going where next year.

A reminder of the rules
  • I set up separate sheets for faculty, industry, postdoc/visitors and students.
  • People should be connected to theoretical computer science, broadly defined.
  • Only add jobs that you are absolutely sure have been offered and accepted. This is not the place for speculation and rumors.
  • You are welcome to add yourself, or people your department has hired.
This document will continue to grow as more jobs settle. So check it often.



  1. Is there one of these anywhere for other subfields, e.g., AI?

    1. good question,
      unfortunately, I never saw a list like that for AI.

      It will be very useful!

  2. Couldn't catch the idea of the table: nobody (almost) is interested in "who went where?". Most are interested in "where to go?".

    1. Judging by the speed with which this list filled up, and the number of people I saw logged on to the document at once, I think a large number of people are interested.

    2. It is good to know that good young researchers still do find positions. It is an indicator of how job market for TCS works. But yes, having a list of unfilled positions and departments who are going to hire would be nice. Lance, could you also make a spreadsheet for that if it is not problematic?