Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Theory Day at UMCP Oct 24

The University of Maryland at College park is having a Theory Day on Wed Oct 24! Come hear

  1. Distinguished talks by Julia Chuzhoy and Venkataesan Guruswami!
  2. Short talks (is that code for NOT distinguished?) by Bill Gasarch, MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, Jonathan Katz, Samir Khuller, David Mount, Elaine (Runting) Shi, and Aravind Srinivsan.  (I never realized I was first alphabetically until now.)
  3. Discussions in hallways for those that learn more that way!

For more info see the link above, but note one thing: Its FREE!

I like theory days in general and often go to the NY theory days.  They are free and only one day.  I recommend going to any theory day that is an Amtrak Ride away.  (Might depend on how long the trip is- There is a 13-hour Amtrak from Atlanta Georgia to Maryland, though I doubt I'll see Lance there.) I get a lot out of theory day as noted in this post about NY theory day

Theory day at UMCP is intentionally after the NJ Focs and is an easy amtrak
away from NJ. The stop is New Carolton)


  1. 'Wed Oct 24!' evaluates to 'Wed Oct 620448401733239439360000', which doesn't make any sense since October 620448401733239439360000 is Sunday (not Wednesday). Did you really mean 'Wed Oct 4!'?

  2. The event is immediately after FOCS intentionally: UMD is an easy commute from NJ. Bill, can you please update the post to remind readers of this fact? Thanks.

  3. Very good set of speakers.