Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FCRC Early Registration May 16

One final reminder for the FCRC Conference. Early registration deadline is this Monday, May 16.

There are a number of events at FCRC of interest to our readers: STOC, Complexity, Electronic Commerce, SPAA, PODC and Foundations of Mobile Computing. Plenary talks include Leslie Valiant's Turing Award lecture, Ravi Kannan's Knuth Prize lecture and David Ferrucci (the guy who led the Watson Jeopardy project).

No STOC tutorials this year, but EC has some interesting tutorials and workshops on topics including Bayesian Mechanism Design, Social Computing, Network Economics, Implementation Theory and measuring advertising effectiveness. You can still apply for one of four free student registrations for EC.

And last and definitely least: Bill and I will both be there. Maybe we'll do another Complexity Vidcast. Maybe you'll be on it.


  1. The only hotel with free Internet in the room is sold out :(

  2. @Anon: That makes sense, right? It's only 3 weeks until FCRC (*sixteen* concurrent computer science conferences). There is one hotel with free wifi. I imagine it sold out a long while ago.

  3. Will you please change "the guy who led the Watson project" to his actual name Dr. David Ferrucci ( after at least your recent blog post on May 19, 2011)?

  4. OK, I put his name in the post.