Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Workshop/Award/Conference/Who wants to review books?

  1. The Center for intractability at Princeton is having a Workshop on Approximation Algorithms. Here is the schedule of talks.
  2. Vijay Vazirani, one of the organizers of the workshop, has won a Guggenheim CONGRATS!
  3. There will be a conference on Theory of Computation as a Lens on the Sciences. Is Theory of Computation a Lens on the Sciences? What does that even mean? Goto the conference and find out! Who is the person under the Lens in the picture at the left side of this link?. A Clue- The answer is RELATIVEly easy.
  4. Here are a list of books I need reviewed for my SIGACT NEWS column: HERE. To review a particular book email me at Before volunteering you should read my advice for reviewers. Also download a template for reviews either here as LaTeX or here as plaintext. I would like emails before April 25 which is when I put next column in final form. This way that columns list of books I want reviewed will be more accurate.
  5. When does complexityblog make announcements? It is sporadic and somewhat random (Kolmogorov random?). Hence you are encouraged to look at this link for announcements of most theory events.


  1. Please keep the important announcements, of the type you just made, coming on this blog. They don't detract from your blog. In fact, they only add to its importance and keep people coming back.

  2. Guggenheim for theory is rare. I know of only 2 others: Goemans and Tardos. Are there more?

  3. Tarjan, 1978-79

  4. Ketan Mulmeley and Sanjeev Khanna