Monday, January 10, 2011

LICS and TAMC call for papers

Two Call For Papers Announcements:
  1. LICS 2011 (Logic in Computer Science) has posted its call-for-papers here. (It was probably posted a while back- the submission deadline is Jan 12, two days from now.) I noticed some people on the committee that are regularly at CCC. How much do LICS and CCC overlap?

    In 1987 CCC (then called Structures) co-located with LICS at Cornell. I do not know if that many people went to both (I did not). Some years later I noticed that LICS and CCC were at the same time on different coasts, hence it would be impossible to go to both. Nobody complained (in fact, nobody seemed to notice) so I assumed there is not that much overlap.

    SO-I throw the question to those who go to both conferences- is there much overlap? Would people from CCC benefit by going to an occasional LICS? Would people from LICS benefit by going to an occasional CCC? Surely the answer is YES in terms of getting exposure to some new things. But is there a benefit beyond that?
  2. (Disclosure- I am on the program committee for this one.) TAMC 2011: (Theory and Applications of Models of Computation) has posted its call-for-papers here. Note that the Submission deadline is Feb 5 and its in Japan. Is it being in Japan make it more or less likely for you to want to go? If you are a theorist in Japan (or close to Japan) then I would assume this is GREAT since its a local. If not then do you view it as (1) too expensive, too much time away from home, so DON"T want to go, or (2) get to see another country! so do want to go! Obviously different people think different things at different times.


  1. There is overlap in interests, certainly. There frequently are a small number of papers that would be appropriate for either venue. It would be nice if there were more interaction.

    LICS covers a more diverse community of interests than CCC does. These interests can range from formal verification to finite model theory and database queries to semantics of programming languages.

    LICS has also been at the core of the very successful quadrennial Federated Logic Conferences, something that I think that conferences in complexity and algorithms should emulate.

  2. There is actually a paper that we considered (strongly!) submitted to TAMC, but could not think of how to pare down to 10 pages. We will probably go with CSL.

  3. I've been on PCs for both LICS and CCC. As Paul says there is definitely some overlap, but I think there could be more. LICS could well benefit from the emphasis that CCC puts on randomization and approximation (broadly understood), and CCC could well benefit from the emphasis that LICS puts on well-behaved fragments of otherwise traditional complexity classes (broadly understood). An excellent example where these two worlds meet is the relatively recent paper by Kolaitis and Kopparty on "Random Graphs and the Parity Quantifier". That one appeared in STOC though :-)

  4. The LICS paper registration deadline is January 5... 5 days ago...

  5. Xamuel-AH, good point-- one has to submit a title and a short abstract on Jan 5,
    which was last week.

    Oh well.

    Diff note: there is a FINITE MODEL THEORY workshop which I think would definitly be of interest to CCC folks.

  6. They overlap on the logical part of complexity theory.

  7. I went to both conferences, in '87. I decided that (a) I really wasn't part of the LICS community, and (b) that was way too much conference for one stretch. But I remember enjoying most of the experience.