Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eleven Tweets from GASARCH

I don't do tweets-I don't think I have enough interesting 140-char notes to tell people (though that doesn't stop Lance). However, several tweet-worthy notes did come up recently so I'll post them here. Hope they are of interest. Some are more than than 140 characters. Oh well.
  1. Godel Prize nominations due soon.
  2. Knuth Prize nominations due soon.
  3. Would you rather win a Godel Prize or a Knuth Prize?
  4. Howard Karloff (no relation to Boris), Phil Gibbons, and Sergei Vassilvitskii are organizing a DIMACS workshop on Parallelism: A 2020 Vision on March 14-16, 2011. They will try to predict the future!
  5. This looks like its from THE ONION, but it is real.
  6. This looks like it is real, but its from THE ONION.
  7. NO progress on my 17x17 problem BUT someone was inspired by it to make a game out of grid colorings. See Brian Hayes's Post about it
  8. UPDATE: 17x17 was solved. See Feb  8, 2012 post. Also see my paper on grid coloring on arXiv.
  9. My colleague Hal Daume has a Blog on NLP (Nat Lang Processing). One of his recent entries is of interest to all academics so I link to it here.
  10. Lance is impressed with Ryan William's result, as am I. However, Lance also has some Family Pride in seeing his Uncle Ryan get the result. (I'll let you figure out what that means.)
  11. My brush with fame: I know this guy. He is Phil Resnick (1) he does NLP in the Linguistics Dept at UMCP, and (2) I graded his papers in Automata Theory when he was an ugrad and I was a grad student (at Harvard).
  12. Private Information Retrieval: A Dilbert Strip and a Wikipedia Entry.
ADDED LATER SINCE IT WAS SENT TO BE LATER: Midwest theory day, Local Arrangements ~


  1. Uncle Ryan since Lance's phd advisor was Michael Sipser whose phd advisor was Manuel Blum. Manuel Blum was also Ryan Willams phd advisor. Hence Uncle Ryan : )

  2. Lance is mprsd wth Ryan William's rslt, as am I. He also has som Family Pride in C'in his Uncle Ryan get the rslt. U fgr out wht tht means.

  3. I am sorry you had no progess on the 17by17. Even with the trophy amount you provided.

    what would you think is a reasonable threshold when people get interested in; 5,000 dollars ?

  4. I went to harrrrrvarrrrrd

  5. true but only for grad school