Friday, December 11, 2009

A Blog Sabbatical

With the end of the fall quarter I will take a break from the blog for a few months. This is not another End, just a chance to move my creative juices in another endeavor, to expand my CACM article into a book to spread the gospel of P v. NP to an even larger audience.

Bill will continue to post though not as often as we did together. I will post as needed for "really important stuff" and will continue to feed my Twitter with the less important but occasionally interesting/insightful/humorous stuff. 

I will return to blogging in mid-March with the start of Northwestern's spring quarter. I need the blog as I teach to keep my sanity. By then I should have written enough of the book to get past the point of no return. Maybe I'll even share some of it with you.

P.S. If any of you have good suggestions for publishers, let me know.


  1. Can't GASARCH take a break too?

  2. Try to do a Diestel and negotiate so that you can make it available online for free!

  3. It's really a pitty, that both you and Scott Aaronson stop blogging at the same time. Let's hope Dick Lipton and Dave Bacon and keep the TCS/QC blogosphere alive. Thanks anyway for the many great blog posts over the past 7 years! I'm looking forward to reading the book!

  4. Please accept the appreciation and thanks of me (and many!) for Computational Complexity.

    Truly this blog has been in reality what one of you once called in jest, "The Blog of Record". :)

    And, happy holidays to all!

  5. haha, anon #1 is SOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY.


    ANON 1 YOU ARE HILARIOUS, why are u so funny ?
    hahhaha, I am gettin a laughing cramp, no kidding.

    why can't bill take a break instead of lance ?

  6. it should be free!!.. line AGT book by noam and co.

  7. I support Anon 1 and Anon 4 heartily :))))))))))))))))

    Thanks anons for keeping the laughter alive in tcs blogs. There are not that many blog posts from Mihai recently. So I was missing the fun!

  8. Can't GASARCH take a break too?

    I sure hope not, unless he feels he should due to overwork. I've enjoyed his posts very much. Thanks, Bill!

  9. What will the book be about? The status of research on P vs. NP? A technical book or one for a general audience?

  10. I loved working with O'Reilly. Your book might be a little farther afield than what they usually do, but it's worth a shot. They have a wide reach among a general technical audience.