Thursday, October 22, 2009

Need a Roomate for a conference?

(Guest Post by Dave Doty pointing to a blog by ***SORELLE*** which points to a roomate finding service for conferences.)

Sorelle has announced a new roommate finding forum for conferences: I think this forum a great way to help graduate students and other cash-strapped conference attendees to save money, and I encourage future conference organizers to link to it. ~


  1. Great idea!

    I do think this is a good and much-needed start, but I think moving towards a site that looks like (but is far simpler, of course) couch surfing would lend the project more credibility? Essentially, pages for FAQ, user profiles, and an ability to post feedback, along with a calendar.

    As an aside, I'm not sure if CouchSurfing can already be used, to some extent, for the intended purpose.

    By the way - I'd think hosting a project like this on an independent domain or a university URL would make me feel more sure than having to navigate to proboards (you can install phpBB or whatever they use on your server).

    IAC, useful pointer - bookmarked!

  2. Apart from saving money, sharing a room is an excellent way to network, especially for students who may know few people in the field prior to the conference.