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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

While I was Gone

Just got back from vacationing in Obama's other home state and found a new govenor in Illinois when I got back. About time.

TTI-Chicago has moved into their new digs. Nice and spacious covering two floors soon to be connected by a bridge/stairway. And I get my own office for when I go down there.

Rocco Servedio is looking for a postdoc in learning/complexity at Columbia (email him if interested). Adam Klivans and David Zuckerman are looking for postdocs (plural) at UT-Austin. I've never seen a year with so many postdoc opportunities for complexity (and so few tenure-track jobs).

Paul Goldberg is looking for permanent faculty members (plural again) for a new Economics and Computation group in Liverpool. Economics is becoming the new quantum.

The Computational Complexity submission deadline is February 13, Electronic Commerce is February 9, ICALP is February 10th and many other conferences have deadlines very soon all vying for our just rejected STOC submissions. This list of papers that can't be submitted to another conference should, hopefully, appear here any moment now.


  1. "and many other conferences have deadlines very soon" ? Which are the other upcoming theory (algorithms) deadlines vying for stoc rejects?

  2. Only ICALP (ESA deadline is in April) and EC if your paper is game theory. But going to ICALP (in Greece) is not an option for everyone ... so for some people there are no conferences with immediate deadlines.

  3. The Liverpool positions do not sound more like second-rate teaching postdocs then real faculty positions... They are called "Lectureships", and pay between $42,000-$49,000 a year. Things are not looking good on the theory job market...

  4. The COLT deadline is Feb 13th. It's in Montreal this time, so not so far away.

  5. The Liverpool positions are definitely not "second-rate". "Lecturer" is simply the word that we use in England. (Not all words are exactly the same in all countries!) They are ordinary permanent faculty positions with an ordinary (national) rate of pay. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested or have any questions. We are excited about the group and encourage strong applications.

    Leslie Goldberg.

  6. PODC and Crypto are also coming up.

  7. Where can one find the list of program committee members for EC 2009? It's not on the call for papers.

  8. Maybe EC '09 is experimenting with a new type of blind-reviewing: anonymous PC.

  9. Hi Lance, do you think that the unusual deadline for CCC may make the conference even more competitive this year?

    I suspect that the number of submitted papers will be unusually high -- and perhaps of unusually high quality, since most good complexity papers barely rejected from stoc will be probably submitted there.

    What do you think?