Tuesday, January 08, 2008

predictions for 2008 and beyond

Predictions for 2008 and beyond:

  1. In October the Democratic pundits will predict that the Democrat will win the election, and the Republican pundits will predict that the Republican will win the election.
  2. There will be a big breakthrough in theory. Very hard to predict what it will be- note that this years big breakthrough, faster algorithm for integer multiplication, would have been hard to predict.
  3. P vs NP, P vs BPP, will not be solved.
  4. Computer science enrollment will rise slightly.
  5. There will be a paper claiming to resolve P=NP. Some students will email me asking if it is worth reading. I'll say no.
  6. Medium Term- The Spam problem will get worse.
  7. Long Term- Self-checkout will become more and more common in grocery stores and other stores.
  8. Long term- the business model for academic publishing, both journals and monographs, will change. It has too.
  9. Long term- women will stop taking their husbands names, because taking their names would be google-stupid
  10. Long term- people will give their kids names based on how easy it is to find on google.

1 comment:

  1. Long-term: the phrase "google-stupid" will never catch on.