Monday, December 24, 2007

The Twelve Days of Tenure

On the twelfth glance at her case, what did we all see:

     12 people asking her questions in her office,
11 times taught Intro Programming,
10 journal articles,
9 pieces of software,
8 book chapters,
7 invited panels,
6 submitted articles,
5 mil-lion bucks!,
4 invited talks,
3 students,
2 post-docs, and
a degree from MIT.

NOTE: The 12 days of Christmas is (easily) the most satirized song ever. I used to maintain a website of satires of it here but it was too hard to keep up? Why? Because anyone can write one. I wrote the one above in about 10 minutes during a faculty meeting to decide someone's Tenure case.


  1. I don't get the first one ("12 people asking questions in her office"??)

  2. Also see

  3. lance fortnow lost weigth and looks terrific.

  4. Really? Is that all it takes?

    Is your university hiring? Awesome!