Wednesday, March 21, 2007

FCRC: Registration, Visas and Hockey

The Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC) has opened registration and housing. FCRC, held June 8-16 in San Diego, is a mega-conference including STOC, Complexity, COLT, Electronic Commerce (EC), SPAA, and a few non-theory conferences as well.

Early registration deadline for the conference is May 11 and the hotel rooms are being held until May 9. It's recommended to make the hotel reservations as early as possible.

For registration, you pay a single fixed FCRC Fee and then a separate registration for every conference you attend. You are allowed to attend talks in any conference held during the same day you are registered for some conference. Tutorials and workshops are closed, though we are trying to open up the EC workshops.

If you need a visa, read this and apply now. The US visa process can take months.

Catherine McGeoch, the self-proclaimed ToC Hockey Commissioner, tells us the theory community has been challenged.

The computer architecture community (which attends ISCA) has challenged the theoretical computer science community to a "friendly inter-league" hockey game, to take place during FCRC. They will make local arrangements — we just have to get up a team.

If you are attending FCRC, and can pass as a theoretician (and/or as a hockey player), you are hereby invited to sign up for the now-forming ToC Hockey team. Tell all your friends to sign up, too.

I remember long ago in graduate school playing (badly) for the MIT theory group's intramural team, Execution Time. Now I can't even keep up with my eight-year old daughter.


  1. Does any one know when the deadline
    for early registration is? The
    web page does not seem to say this.


  2. I added the registration deadlines to the post.

  3. I'm confused about the hockey game. Isn't FCRC in San Diego, in the SUMMER? Shouldn't we be surfing?