Friday, September 08, 2006

Conferences and More

FOCS registration is now available. Early registration deadline is September 18, hotel rooms held until September 29.

SODA accepted papers have been posted. STACS submission deadline (September 17) is fast approaching.

A few call for papers for next summer's FCRC conferences: Complexity and Electronic Commerce. Still waiting on some others including STOC and COLT.

Harvard theory professor and former dean Harry Lewis (of Lewis and Papadimitriou fame) will be on BookTV on CSPAN 2 Sunday at 1:00 PM EDT talking about his new book Excellence Without a Soul: How a Great University Forgot Education. You can also stream CSPAN 2 and sometime after the program airs the video will be available.

Thanks to all who sent me pointers.


  1. see,,25351-2266728,00.html
    for a less than glowing review

  2. Well, the reviewer seems to have some problems of her own:

    For Lewis... any policy that holds that a man commits a sexual assault if he goes ahead and has intercourse with a woman who (being drunk, for example) has not affirmatively expressed her consent is a policy that condescends to women and fails to develop women’s characters. (The legal literature points out that we would never say that about financial crime: a person who steals a friend’s wallet while that friend is drunk and does not protest commits a theft.)

    Ah, the classical vagina-wallet analogy.

  3. and thanks, lance, for putting all the pointers up!

  4. STOC call for papers is at:

  5. For those interested other takes on my book, the full set of reviews is posted at #21 on that list is a letter published in response to the review cited by the first commentator.

  6. The URL in my last post got truncated. There is a link to all the reviews from my home page,