Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ACM Awards

The 2005 ACM Awards have been announced. Omer Reingold received the Grace Hopper Award given to the best "outstanding young computer professional of the year, selected on the basis of a single recent major technical or service contribution" in this case for his log-space algorithm for undirected connectivity. The previous theoretician to receive the award was Shafi Goldwasser in 1996 and before that Donald Knuth in 1971. Congratulations Omer!

Peter Naur won the Turing Award (the closest CS has to a Nobel Prize) for his work on Algol 60.

Gerald Holzmann, Robert Kurshan, Moshe Vardi and Pierre Wolper won the Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award for their use of automata theory in program verification.

Thanks to Moni Naor for the pointer.


  1. Lance, where do you find the time for this??

    With appreciation,
    Fran (I won't say my last name!)

  2. the turing award is like Nobel award.
    It takes many years to get it!
    Ginzburg, Abrikovos, Legget won Turing award in 2003, Kapitsa, Penzias, Wilson in 1978.
    Kay won Turing award in 2003, Naur in 2005

  3. "Dear Award Committee Chairs,

    The information on the 2005 winners went live today on the ACM Web site
    in error.

    The Web site was brought down quickly and will go live again pending full notification of all the award winners.

    Please accept my apologies for this error."

  4. how about doctoral dissertation?

  5. Doctoral Dissertation goes to Ben Liblit, US Berkeley, now at UW Madison.