Monday, October 03, 2005

Euthanizing a Virtual Pet

We had a high pitch tone coming from somewhere in our family room but we couldn't find the source. I shut down the power in case the sound was coming from the stereo system or lights but the tone remained. Finally we found the culprit, my daughter's Tamagotchi buried under some books.

Pressing the buttons failed to quiet the device, so I attempted to open the unit up to remove the battery. When that failed I finally put the Tamagotchi in a plastic bag and hit it several times with a hammer until it finally shut up.

Later I confessed the destruction of the virtual pet to my daughter who seemed not to care in the least. The fad had ended. But next on my daughters' wish list: Nintendogs.

1 comment:

  1. "euthanasia" literally means "GOOD death". It's the same "eu-" as in euphemism and eulogy. Does being wrapped in a plastic bag and then hammered count as having a good death? If so, then that guy Mowhoush didn't have it too bad after all.