Friday, September 02, 2005

Questions About Crypto

Bill Gasarch wants your help to judge a new book.

I am reviewing Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security for a future SIGACT NEWS book review column. I will review it by asking various people for THINGS THEY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT from such a book, then I look them up, and see how the book does. (ease of finding it, value of information, etc.)

So, I request that you EMAIL me ( a question that you would like to see in an encyclopedia of Crypto and Security.

If you know someone who probably doesn't read this blog but has good questions (e.g., a colleague working in Systems who works on security) pass this on to them.

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  1. A 'Mental' Poker Question

    Suppose we wish to write a peer to peer poker program, where each person in a 10-person game is allowed to contribute to the shuffle in order to ensure its fairness. What's the best known distributed protocol for this task?