Sunday, July 03, 2005

Independence Day in America

Old Joke: Is there a fourth of July in Canada? Sure there is, right between the third of July and the fifth of July.

Outside of the US the Fourth has no special meaning so non-Americans have no qualms running conferences and workshop over our holiday. This will be my first time in three years spending the entire Independence Day in the US. Last year I was in Banff and in 2003 on a plane to Denmark. (I may not collect much sympathy here.)

How will I celebrate America's 229th Birthday? A parade in the morning, a friend's house for barbecue and capping the night with fireworks. Should be a perfect Fourth.


  1. Well, there's also "Canada Day" on July 1st:
    It's got barbecues and fireworks -- a veritable Chanukah to July 4th's Christmas.

  2. I recently witnessed, at a gathering place for a community of western expats in a minor third-world country, a flyer advertising an event headlined "Come celebrate North America Day, July 2", with the small print explaining that this was a compromise between celebrating July 4th and Canada Day.