Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote Complexity

Complexity theorists have an important choice to make this week. That's right, I'm talking about whether to send your papers to STOC or Complexity. So let me put on my hat as chair of the Complexity conference committee and tell you why you should be thinking about our conference.

With the great growth in theory the STOC conference can now only accept a small number of papers in computational complexity theory. For the same reasons we have seen many strong papers appear in Complexity over the past several years from a quite broad range of complexity topics. Don't take my word for it and look at our last three conferences.

With your help we can add even more strength to the Complexity conference and continue to make it the primary venue for exposition of results in computational complexity. So submit your papers and I look forward to seeing you in San Jose.

And after you submit your paper to either conference, I highly recommend also sending the paper to ECCC. You will get quick publication and more exposure than any single conference.

I'm Lance Fortnow and I approve this message.

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