Monday, June 21, 2004

Shimon Even (1935-2004)

Shimon Even was born in Israel on June 15th, 1935. He died on May 1st, 2004. In addition to his pioneering research contributions (most notably to Graph Algorithms and Cryptography), Shimon is known for having been a highly influential educator. He played a major role in establishing computer science education in Israel (e.g., at the Weizmann Institute and the Technion). He served as a source of professional inspiration and as a role model for generations of young students and researchers. Two notable avenues of influence were his PhD students and his books Algorithmic Combinatorics (Macmillan, 1973) and Graph Algorithms (Computer Science Press, 1979).
From a memorial page by Oded Goldreich.

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  1. Dear Lance,

    I just saw your tribute to Shimon on your blog. Shimon visited UC for the 1983-84 academic year. He played a major role in expanding my interests to computer science more broadly. He was open, friendly, enthusiastic, a great teacher, and a great man.

    How glad I am that he passed my way, and how sad now that he's passed away.

    Best regards,