Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Midwest Theory Day

Over the years a number of localized theory workshops have developed which bring together researchers from around the area to mingle and learn about some of their research. For example BATS (Bay Area Theory Seminar-San Francisco area), CATS (Capital Area Theory Seminar-Washington DC), DIMACS Mixers (New Jersey), Netherlands Theoriedag and others including many I've never heard of.

In the middle of America we have the Midwest Theory Day. Generally since 1980 this is a day of talks held in the fall in the Chicago area and in the spring somewhere else in the Midwest such as the University of Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Notre Dame, etc. The next Midwest theory day will be held December 13 at DePaul University and in the spring on April 24 at the University of Iowa.

So come to Chicago or attend (or organize) you own local area theory seminar and meet your theory neighbors.

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