Thursday, May 22, 2003

Computing's Lost Allure?

The New York Times today had an article on the shrinking number of computer science majors in American universities. Let me give you my take on this.

First of all this should be no surprise. People, consciously or unconsciously, follow the money. Computer science majors were a very hot property in the late 90's and now they are less so. So less people are going into computer science.

My advice: Don't follow the money. You will be trying to time the market four years down the road. I remember as an undergrad seeing many of my fellow freshman going into Chemical Engineering because it was a hot area. Four years later many of them had trouble finding or keeping a job and had to move to other areas. Some of them even became.......lawyers.

Best to do what you enjoy. If you enjoy it you will have a better chance to succeed. Worry about the job market when you get there.

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