Sunday, April 10, 2016

What Rock Band Name would you choose?

I looked up my colleague Dave Mount on Wikipedia and found  that he was a drummer for the glam rock band Mud. He informed me that (a) on Wikipedia he is David Mount and (b) if he had a rock band it would be named Fried Purple Ellipsoids.

This  set off an email discussion where people said what their rock band name would be. I noticed that many ideas for names had variants. For example, my favorite for Ramsey Theorists: The Red Cliques could be

The Red Cliques

Red Clique

Bill Gasarch and the Red Cliques!


So below I list one variant of each name but keep in mind that there are others.

 The Hidden Subgroups

 Amplitudes with Attitude 

 Schrodinger's cat (I wonder if this IS a rock band already)

 The Red Cliques

 Fried purple ellipsoids

 Fried green ellipsoids


 The Biconnected Sets


BPP!  (I wonder if any complexity class would work.)

SAT (I wonder if other one-word problems would work. TSP!)

Karp and the reductions

Avi and the derandomizers 

 Aravind and the  Expanders

(Could replace Karp, Avi, and Aravind with others, but these are the first that
came to mind. Plus THE EXPANDERS was Aravind Srinivasan's idea.)

The MIT Logarhythms (This is a real acapella group see here.)

The Discrete Logarhythms


The Oracles

The Interactive Proofs

The Natural Proofs

Fried Green Proofs

If we expand to include math we get lots more, so I'll just mention one real one: The Klein Four, an acapella group.

SO- what would YOUR rock band name be?


  1. The Forbidden Subgraphs

  2. "Möbius band" is truly awesome.

  3. Mobius Band really is the name of a rock group:,guitar%2Fvocals%2Fkeyboards).