Sunday, May 01, 2022

Elon Musk To Buy Complexityblog

Elon Musk has offered to buy out Complexityblog. The money is too good to turn down. As part of the contract we can't say how much or in what cryptocurrency, but suffice to say it will be more than the royalties from our books. Or not.

Readers be aware of the following changes to the blog:

1) We can no longer send Donald's Trump comments into our spam folder.

2) All of our posts will be written by Tesla autopilot.

3) Complete free speech in the comments. Or not. Depends on Elon's mood that day

4) Purchases made through this blog can be in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Or not. Depends on Elon's mood that day.

5) Switch the business model (Lance- we have a business model?) from advertisements to a subscription service. How much will people pay per year to access complexity blog? 

6) Lance and I have been invited to fly to orbit on a SpaceX rocket so we can post from space. Or was it posting from the backseat of a Tesla? Depends on how you read the contract.

7)  April Fools day posts will henceforth be on May 1. 


  1. Good one. Especially appreciated as April Fool's this year struck me as having been low on good jokes.

    Whatever, my theory remains the EM doesn't really want to buy Twitter. What he wanted, and largely got, was a way to extract 8 billion dollars in cash from Tesla without either the stock market or the SEC noticing. Rather impressive move, I'd say...

    David in Tokyo.

  2. or maybe he wants to run as President of the USA in the future. Controlling Twitter could be easier
    A kind of Big Data Brother.
    Elon Echelon Musk!

    Valter from Italy