Friday, April 01, 2022

A Ramsey Theory Podcast: No Strangers at this Party

 BILL: Lance, I am going to blog about the Ramsey Theory Podcast called 

                            No strangers at this party

LANCE: Oh, so that will be your April Fools Day post? That is too unbelievable so it won't work as a joke.

BILL: Okay, you got me. But it will work if I get 14 Ramsey Theorists to do Podcasts on Ramsey Theory and pretend its coming from... where should it come from. 

LANCE: A Hungarian Middle School. 

BILL: That's  too realistic. How about Simon Fraser University in Canada?

LANCE: Why there?

BILL: Why not there?

LANCE: Knock yourself out.


At Simon Fraser University they have a podcast on Ramsey Theory. They had 14 episodes, each one was an interview with someone who is interested in Ramsey Theory. I don't like the term `Ramsey Theorist' since I doubt anyone does JUST Ramsey Theory (e.g., I do Muffins to!).

Here is the list of people they interviewed. You can find the podcasts at SpotifyAnchorApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Julian Sahasarabudhe, 

Jaroslav Nesetril

Joel Spencer 

Donald Robertson

Fan Chung

Steve Butler

Tomas Kaiser

David Conlon

Bruce Landman 

William Gasarch

Bryna Kra

Neil Hindman

Adriana Hansberg

Amanda Montejano


  1. Funny post. FYI, typos: "That is to[o] unbelievable" "That's to[o] realistic."

  2. fixed, thanks.
    I was thinking of not fixing them since I also misspell words when I talk, but one of those with Lance talking, and he does not.

  3. It is called "Simon Fraser" not "Simon Frasier".