Monday, February 14, 2022

Belated happy 80th, Allan Borodin!

Guest Post by Aravind Srinivasan 

Allan Borodin turned 80 in 2021. This post is to belatedly wish him a very happy 80th, and to give a short personal perspective. 

Three things come to mind when I think of Allan:

  1. His range of research topics: I was first exposed to his work (Borodin's Gap Theorem) in a complexity-theory class by Hartmanis in Spring 1990, and have since enjoyed reading---at varying levels of depth---his works on algebraic complexity, space complexity and tradeoffs, circuit complexity, lower bounds in general, routing, adversarial queuing, online algorithms, priority algorithms, and E-commerce (I am surely leaving out some areas). This is an amazingly broad sweep!
  2. His enthusiasm in learning about and developing new models, as our field has evolved greatly over time.
  3. The enthusiastic embrace he has given to researchers spanning generations. Indeed, I am one of many who have been inspired by various facets of his research and personality.

Photos from Allan’s 60th can be seen at Amos Fiat’s page.

Thank you for everything Allan, and wishing you continued robust health and enjoyment of your academic work! 

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  1. Thanks Aravind for the great post and thanks Allan for your help in great advancement of TCS.