Thursday, November 12, 2020


Lance: Perhaps we should do a post-election vidcast--what does it mean for complexity!

Bill: Not sure if you are serious- but I doubt a Biden presidency will either speed up or slow down the proof that P NE NP or anything else in complexity. Did Trump give LESS money to the NSF and other funding agencies, and will Biden give more? I doubt it. 

Lance: Trump's budget did call for a massive cut for the NSF but luckily he doesn't control the purse strings. It's the immigration policy that worried me--both that it keeps good students from coming to the US and that it cuts off a revenue source that will cause many good schools to close down.

Bill: Excellent point- but sounds more like a post you could write since you... know stuff, as opposed to a vidcast with me who... doesn't know stuff. 

Bill sells himself short and me long but here is my post.

After Trump was elected in 2016 I thought maybe Trump with all his bluster will just be a typical conservative politician that we can live through until the next election. That didn't last long with his travel ban for Iranians just a few weeks after his inauguration when I said "This is not the America I believe in."

Judges have stopped the worst of Trump's travel bans but he has continued to whittle down the number of available visas, made it harder to get visas and get visas after they graduate. New students can't come to America if they take only on-line courses at a time many universities are online. Now students will have to get their visas renewed after two or four years. Few get a PhD in four years and would students come here and take the risk that their visas won't get renewed before they can finish? The CRA has some details on the newest rules. Not to mention Trump's handling of COVID--would you send your kid to America now?

Trump hasn't hidden his disdain for higher education and had he won a second term his policies would greatly diminish the country's academic strength. Biden can and certainly will undo much of these changes and I hope it is not too late. 

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  1. "Not to mention Trump's handling of COVID--would you send your kid to America now?"


    I'd rather send them to the UK or France or Italy or Spain. Death rate is about the same but I'd get to be righteous.

  2. Earlier this year, the Trump administration "announced more than $1 billion in funding for new research institutes focused on artificial intelligence and quantum computing", probably to compete against China. I am on the job market this year and positions for quantum computing are everywhere. Gotta give credit to the stable genius for that.