Sunday, January 22, 2017

My once-every-four-years Presidential Quiz/how should quizes work in the e-era?

Every four years I post a PRESIDENTIAL QUIZ which I must update based on new information since we have a new prez and veep. The questions are here:here.

I will post a link to the answers next week. The answers will also contain  more information if interest beyond the question, so the answers are worth reading whether or not you get it right.

The quiz is 43 questions (hmmm- that is long for a quiz)
Start with 14 points, and the questions are 2 points each. No penalty for wrong answers.

Why take a quiz when you can find most (maybe all) answers on  the web?

Well- there are two ways to view this:

1) Take the quiz without the aid of the web and give yourself 3 hours. You are on your scouts honor. Doesn't matter much since you truly are just testing yourself.

2) USE the web. This is NOT cheating. But TIME how long it takes you. Stop when you want but your score is (120 times the number you got right)/(number of minutes it took you) + 14. So if using the web you get them all right in an hour, you get a 100. There may be other ways to do this.

REQUEST: Do not post answers to quiz questions since that may deprive others the joy.
You CAN (and I would like this) post how well you did using either criteria (1) or (2).

Is this the future of trivia contests? Rather than ban the use of the web embrace it!

bill g.

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