Thursday, February 21, 2013


I got a new toy this week, the Pebble watch which I got early because I pre-ordered donated to their Kickstarter campaign. It's a little buggy and the promised apps do not exist yet, but I'm already finding the watch extremely valuable because my email, texts and phone calls show up on my watch--much easier to check the watch than pull the phone from my pocket.

With Gmail smart labels and some additional filters, most of the email that reaches my inbox actually requires my attention at some point. But often I'm in a talk or a meeting. I've trained myself to ignore the buzz of my phone and now I can see I have to ignore the buzz of my watch as well--harder to do.

Our lives just get more interconnected. Some people I hear purposely disconnect themselves to get work done. I like to deal with issues as they arise and not let them pile up. But the trick is to remember that when you are in the midst of doing something best to ignore the interrupt than act upon it.

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  1. The best time management advice I ever got was to turn off email notifications.